Who am I

My name is Jian-Shun Wang (王建舜). Everyone call me Shun. I'm interested in mobile security, web development, virtualization and software engineering.

Now I'm doing my master degree in Advanced Defense Lab, NCU in Taiwan. My adviser is Dr. Fu-Hau Hsu.

I'm also an intern in Information and Communications Research Laboratories of ITRI from July, 2016. I'm helping my senior with a project in same lab.

My coding ability

According to my proficiency, I arrange these programming languages from left to right. The leftmost is the best.

I first learn it and it's the most familiar language with me.

It's also my main language to solve quizes in UVa.

I learn the object-oriented concepts with java.

Because I usually uses C++ to solve quizes in UVa, I don't go deep into OO concepts in C++.

When I was in university, I use these web and sql languages to complete my special project with my teammates.

I first got to know about python is in a university class called "Introduction to Cloud Computing."

Now I'm also learning using in binary exploit.

Contact me

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

E-mail: dick50414 at

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